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TOKYO, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KOMOJU by Degica today announces partnerships with two new clients: Scalefast – a top enterprise digital e-commerce channel solution – and French e-commerce platform Prestashop, which boasts a leading position in open-source e-commerce solutions across Europe and Latin America.

KOMOJU meets a direct need for both companies as they look to expand in the Asia-Pacific region – opening up new markets by enabling the platforms’ customers to pay via all major Japanese and Korean payment methods.

“It is fantastic to see both Scalefast and Prestashop choosing KOMOJU as their Japanese and Korean payment provider. This is a sign of our rapid growth and shows how important it is to facilitate merchants’ access to these high-potential markets that have previously been difficult to enter due to cultural and linguistic barriers. Payment and website display in the local language is often the first step to any e-commerce business’s success and growth overseas and we are excited to make this happen,” says Jack Momose, CEO, Degica.

“When we needed Japanese and Korean payments, the decision was obvious. Providing simple integrations and English language support, Degica stands out among other Japanese payment providers. Given we were looking for serious support in the region, collaboration with KOMOJU was a no-brainer,” comments Scalefast’s Director of Payment and Fraud, Stéphane Martinez.

Joseba Fernández Florín, Head of Technology, Payment & Fraud at Scalefast, adds: “The integration with KOMOJU was straightforward, fast and efficient. Thanks to KOMOJU’s intuitive application programming interface (API), we were able to easily add all new payment methods. This was a huge advantage for us.”

“Payment is often the first step in any e-commerce business’s success and growth overseas. We believe KOMOJU’s expertise in Japan and Korea will help Prestashop users with their sales in the region,” says Michael Casson, Head of Partnerships at Prestashop.

As the leading local payment fintech company in Japan, KOMOJU aims to pave the way for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world to get more access to the Japanese and South Korean markets. “We are very grateful that Scalefast and Prestashop have chosen KOMOJU as their Japanese and Korean payment provider,” comments Christian Desert, Vice President, Revenue & Growth at KOMOJU.

KOMOJU by Degica supports all major payment methods popular in Japan, South Korea, China and Europe, such as convenience store and smartphone payments, alternative payment methods or credit cards. Launched in 2014, KOMOJU now provides cutting-edge services to more than 3,000 merchants daily, including Shopify, Steam and Wix.

About Degica Launched in 2016, Degica is an AI-powered, global payments business, headquartered in Tokyo. The company has its origins in video game publishing, where it decided to develop its own in-house solution for securely processing online payments. The solution worked so well that Degica decided to commercialise it, leading to the creation of the company’s flagship KOMOJU payments platform. Drawing on its technology background, Degica also specialises in artificial intelligence (AI), which has enabled it to develop a market-leading translation tool. Today, the company is looking to combine this with its more than 15 years of payments expertise and industry knowledge to break down the barriers to e-commerce between Japan and the rest of the world.

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KOMOJU is a global payments platform, spread across four regions, with over 50 international partners and more than 2,500 active merchants. Connected to platforms such as Shopify, Wix, Woo Commerce and Magento, KOMOJU offers merchants access to all major payment methods in Japan, Korea and China and incorporates FX functionalities to enable merchants receive funds in their desired currency, while processing currencies native to local markets.

Founded in 2014 by Degica, KOMOJU (an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase “購入モジュール”, meaning “purchasing module”) was started with a single aim – to make Japan simple. Today, on its way toward that goal, it stands as the fastest-growing payments platform in Japan.

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